About Roy John

Roy John has been doing jewelry design for over 45 years. He began working art fairs and traveling in a VW Bus back in the 70’s. Design “that is good design” is timeless. He strives to show the client how important like quality, textures & shaper are to the piece that he creates for them. He enjoys the satisfaction that the client is thrilled to be in possession of one of these pieces. Rare metals, rare stones or gems, sentimental pieces handed down are all of the working day. In re-creating a piece from a distant relative. He will do drawings and make a model from wax. The client can input any ideas at any time. The client is the one who will be wearing it, so he wants them to be pleased with the end results.

Creating a one of a kind custom piece is not an experience a commercial piece of jewelry in a lot of instances. He would like to meet with you and show you more of what is possible. The office hours are 10:30 – 5:30 Tues – Friday and 10:30 – 3:00.  You can call to make appointments  at 503-363-9807. He looks forward to having you come down to the shop and talk about your next beautiful piece.